Air Quality Portal

Air Quality Portal

Air Quality Portal was developed for Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection. It covers information on air quality in Poland and actions taken to improve it.

Application enables to proceed with the most important actions taken by Inspectorate of Environmental Protection referring to research and estimation of environmental conditions, including air quality monitoring. The task is performed within State Environmental Monitoring, the program of which is determined by Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection and approved by Minister of Environment.

The aim of the project is to support Inspectorate of Environmental Protection in performing their tasks, such as doing research and environmental assessment.

The main goal of information available on webpage is to promote in the society the awareness about air pollution in Poland and key problems related to ensuring its good quality. Moreover, thanks to information on air quality, as well as plans and programs of its protection, the application supports the governing bodies in the process of air quality management in Poland.

Additionally, the application has been equipped with the webpages presenting short-term forecast for ozone contamination both at the level of the whole country as well single voivodship, and ensuring its operational functions.

Application was developed in the technology compatible with Java Enterprise Edition standard, database is Oracle DB 11 g with RAC option, server is Weblogic 10.3.5.

Application available:

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