Artistic Residencies

Artistic Residencies is a portal that has been developed for National Centre for Culture. It is a central unit the statutory task of which is to take any actions focused on cultural activities in our country.

The portal itself is dedicated for people offering services and using artistic residencies in Poland. It is intended to inform about recruitment procedures, events and possibilities offered by institutions that provide both residential programs and networking of these organizations.

Information accessible on webpage refers to Polish residential programmes:

  • on the one hand – the content refers mainly to residential programmes and services available and offered in Poland
  • on the other hand – it refers to programmes and grants available in Polish institutions but related to programmes realized abroad.

The main purpose of the portal is to educate and enhance the knowledge about residencies and residential programmes.

Platform is intended to inform about applications for recruiting new residencies and grants; its function is to communicate and register the procedures of residential programmes. The main users of the portal are people working in institutions that offer residential programmes and foreign residents that are looking for information about available residencies in Poland.

Other users are:

  • donators – representatives of institutions offering grants related to residential programmes;
  • professionals – representatives of the “world of art and culture” in a broad sense, people interested in the process of residence functioning and related events, artists;
  • representatives of local authorities, people having legal and financial influence on artistic residencies;
  • officials of state and UE administration, people, who have legal and financial influence similar to representatives of local authorities but at a higher level.

The whole project was developed in Python 3 language and based on Django 1.7 framework.

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