How We Built a Dedicated System for Guests of the Economic Forum

2 september 2020

In Evertop we are making a lot of interesting projects but the one I’m going to present today is really significant to me. Since I did care much about this specific project I dedicated a huge amount of time to convince the client to cooperate with us.

It is related to Institute of Eastern Studies – the Ambassador of the greatest and most influential annual political and economic event in this part of Europe – Economic Forum. We have been working together for the last couple of years and have been discussing for a longer time the new mobile application that would support the operational processes of Forum and other conferences, and finally, we did it.

The participants of the upcoming Economic Forum will receive the new application, which will enable to plan both official events as well as informal business meetings.

When we started working on this project at the end of last year we didn’t expect that we would face such difficult circumstances during its introduction. The coronavirus pandemic affected all areas of the economy disrupting the business models of millions of enterprises all around the world.

On the other hand, the pandemic and all the restrictions related to it, are a good motivator for introduction of new digital solutions. The new application will allow all participants of this year’s Forum to plan effectively the participation in the conference.

Before the first line of the code was created we had spent plenty of time analyzing and designing it. We have been actively participating in the conference in Krynica in the last few years and what have always been crucial to us, was the access to browser and communication with other participants. This is why we were very determined to create an advanced browser and easy chat panel.

The application has been built on the base of the unique experience of Forum’s participants. On the organizational level, apart from the basic functions such as agenda’s presentation, the panelists or the map, the application enables to book cultural events or dedicated transport convenient to individual needs.

The organizers of the events would obviously benefit from the system as well. They were given fast and direct communication options with participants through the ‘push’ notifications that can be sent to all quests who use the application on their devices. In this way they can be informed about all the changes in the agenda or special quests joining the panels.

Both mobile application and Infoforum website are the perfect tools to gather all kind of statistics and to perform any kinds of marketing activities that can reach the specific group of recipients in a very accurate way.

Additionally, what makes the system exceptional, is that it can to be used at all other kind of events organized by the Institute of Eastern Studies. There are many things to be expected and I believe that the system will be useful in every single one of them.

We will carry out the test in a few days. I keep my fingers crossed for it to be successful.


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