How We Started a Career In IT

9 september 2020

For the past two months we have been trainees at Evertop, and we want to share our thoughts and experiences that we have encountered so far, starting from the very beginning – the recruitment stage.

The recruitment process started with a short online technical test, which, in my opinion, didn’t go too well, but I still got invited to an online interview. I was really nervous since it was my first interview ever, but it turned out that my stress was completely unnecessary. The interview had a rather casual character. It consisted of some more technical questions, as well as a short talk about my plans for the future. After a week or so, I have got a phone call, informing me that I was accepted. All that was left was to sign an agreement, and wait for the holidays for the training to begin.

I didn’t know what to expect but it surprised me that I had been assigned to work on a real-world project. But what surprised me even more, was how casual it felt. I could code without any pressure and no one rushed me – quite the opposite actually – more experienced colleagues were always there to help me – point out my mistakes, suggest a better solution, etc.
I have learned a lot more about ASP.NET as well as fronted technologies such as jquery, Bootstrap, Angular. Learning all these new things was challenging, but enjoyable, and I was expecting that. One of the difficulties that I wasn’t expecting was working with someone else’s code. The process can range from pleasant to quite frustrating. I have never faced it before in my university projects, whicj in fact didn’t have to be maintained at all.
All in all, I’m quite satisfied so far with how the training turned out to be. – Adrian

By signing up for a training at Evertop I wanted to gain my first experience and expand my programming skills in the dynamically developing IT world. I started my adventure by sending my CV in which I applied for a training in ASP.NET Core technology. A few days later I was sent a quiz to test my knowledge of programming and ASP.NET Core. Soon I was invited to an interview. I was full of stress whether my previously acquired programming skills and knowledge would allow me to do a training in the real company. To my surprise the conversation was pleasant, like a casual chat. Eventually, I was invited for a summer training :).

I started the first day with an introduction, in which I got familiar with somegeneral information about the company and reporting time of work. I got introduced to my training mentor and I was assigned to a fairly large team of experienced employees working on a large website project. The next day I got my first tasks on the backend. Initially, I mainly declared knowledge of ASP.Net Core technology but after less than a month of working on the backend of the website it was decided to give me a chance on the frontend side, despite my little knowledge. I was given time to familiarize myself with the technologies used on the frontend. As before, I was given easier tasks and more time to get used to new technologies. When things started to get better I got more serious challenges.

The training allowed me to broaden my skills in the field of ASP.NET Core technology but also taught me technologies that I have not used yet, such as Angular and Bootstrap. But that’s not all the things that the training has offered to me. I learned how to work in a large team that always offered advice and assistance. I have always been able to count on a mentor who is willing to help. I also learned the Scrum methodology and principles of creating good software. Working in a company on a real project taught me more than working on my own projects alone. Is it worth entering the world of IT, starting with an training at Evertop? I definitely think so! – Paweł

As you can see, Evertop gives you a chance to start an IT career and also gives you many new development opportunities. If you would like to gain experience in the IT industry among the best specialists see our job offer and write to us!



Software developer interns at Evertop Interested in linguistics, enjoys mountain hiking and strategy games.
Paweł Salicki
Software developer interns at Evertop A lover of animations and adventure films. Starts each day with hot raspberry tea.
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