24 juni 2020

How To Secure The Application With Spring Security Using The JWT And MySQL Database?

#entity framework #mobile

Spring Security is a framework that provides a set of tools to secure the created application and to manage access to its resources. It allows you to configure freely the authentication and authorization process.

Michał Szczypka Michał Szczypka
20 mai 2020

Update Your Database With As Less Connection As Possible

#database #entity framework #programming tips

This is the second article from the series about how to improve your .NET application that uses Entity Framework. In this lesson I will show you how to reduce the number of connections and queries sent to database when updating database. I will show you a few good practices in some common cases. Let’s start.

Paweł Szymura Paweł Szymura
1 april 2020

Retrieving Data From The Database

#entity framework #programming tips

This is the first article from the series about how to improve your .NET application which uses Entity Framework. I will show you some simple tips that will boost your application. I hope that many advices you will find here can be used in any other ORM or even any other programming language. First of all let’s see how the majority of applications work.

Paweł Szymura Paweł Szymura
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