28 oktober 2020

How I Became a Software Tester

#growth #our way #testing

I would like to share with you the story how I became a software tester and why I chose this profession. I will present the position, responsibilities and advantages and disadvantages of this profession.

Karolina Laprus Karolina Laprus
29 juli 2020

How To Prepare Test Data For Unit Test

#programming tips #testing

There are many articles describing how to write a good test. But the question is how to create a good data test? I will show an example, different from what you may have ever read.

Paweł Szymura Paweł Szymura
6 mai 2020

Accessibility Testing – Meet The WCAG

#testing #WCAG standards

In Poland, there are over 3 milion people with the certificate of disability, but in fact there are even more disabled people — between 4 and 7 million. They are a part of society that will be using our applications and, therefore, to provide them with opportunity and encourage them to use our product, it should be user-friendly and trouble-free.

Agnieszka Michnik Agnieszka Michnik
8 april 2020

Why is Software Testing Necessary ?


In this article I would like to show how important it is to take care of the quality of the software produced as early as it is on the development stage. An early error detection reduces software delivery time, reduces costs, and increases product quality.

Aleksandra Dreszer Aleksandra Dreszer
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