The 10 Most Important Elements of Successful IT Project Management

26 august 2020

Proper planning of activities is required in the fast changing environment and with the enormous complexity and dynamics of IT systems.

Defining the requirements in the field of IT systems is the core for the implementation of work within a specified period, budget and scope. The active participation of the Employer as the main stakeholder is also an indispensable element of the process. What happens in the case of project implementation with a limited participation of the Purchaser?

We operate on a project basis

There is a definition proposed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) below.

The Project – a temporary project aimed at creating a unique product or service, where temporality means that the project has a clearly defined ‘beginning’ and ‘end’, and uniqueness – that the product or service is clearly different from all similar products or services.

Temporary does not mean short-lived.

Contrary to appearances, the above conditions are very important, especially when dealing with projects implemented on a contract basis, where it is extremely important to keep the deadlines and maintain conformity between the project’s goal and its achievement. The correct definition of the project’s tasks leads to goal’s achievement even when the partial goals related to the subject of the project change during the implementation process.

We manage the project

The American Institute of Project Management defines project management as follows.

Project management is a process during which the person managing the project carries out suitable planning and control of the tasks included in the project, and makes the appropriate allocation of the funds designated for the project, using the correct techniques and methods to achieve the objective with a proper quality, within a specified period and estimated costs.

We build on competences and experience

An extremely important element in the implementation of the projects is the experience of the members of Evertop’s project teams. Starting with managers, analysts, architects up to the programming teams. Combined with a project management methodology developed through experiences and based on the main methodologies such as: PMI, Prince2 (Projects In Controlled Environments) or often their correlation with Agile or Scrum methodologies.

We carry out work based on various payment models

The set of developed methods for the implementation of Evertop’s projects provides the implementation of work in two settlement methods: Fixed Price or Time and Material.

We are planning work

An essential element of planning process is the division of projects into phases and tasks – disintegration.

We are project oriented

We are an organization that operationally and strategically manages the project portfolio, which allows to achieve the designated goals and successfully complete the work.

We define the risk in the project

Such an assessment allows to detect potential threats imposed by the project, as well as obstacles that may occur during its implementation.

Risk management is an activity entirely included in the process of project management and has five main goals:

  1. specifying the goals of the project (in terms of deadlines, costs and technical specifications),
  2. adjusting the project to external conditions that keep changing and preparing it for the occurrence of potential incidents,
  3. better knowledge and understanding of the risks that may arise as well preparation of appropriate preventive actions,
  4. informing the parties involved in the project about potential threats to the project,
  5. ensuring better understanding of the project and thus facilitating the decision-making and priority setting processes.

We define goals that must:

  1. be attainable
  2. be public
  3. be understandable
  4. be documented

We appoint the task teams

According to the scope of implementation, a separate, dedicated team of specialists is appointed to each substantive area of the project.

We operate in full synergy with the Customer

The Customer is an active participant in the design works here. The joint participation in the meetings of the Steering Committee and working project groups is an important element of the information flow and decision making processes.


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