2 september 2020

How We Built a Dedicated System for Guests of the Economic Forum

#business development #mobile

In Evertop we are making a lot of interesting projects but the one I’m going to present today is really significant to me. Since I did care much about this specific project I dedicated a huge amount of time to convince the client to cooperate with us.

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
24 juni 2020

How To Secure The Application With Spring Security Using The JWT And MySQL Database?

#entity framework #mobile

Spring Security is a framework that provides a set of tools to secure the created application and to manage access to its resources. It allows you to configure freely the authentication and authorization process.

Michał Szczypka Michał Szczypka
10 juni 2020

Tips And Tricks On How To Check If Your Mobile Application Is User-Friendly

#mobile #testing tips #WCAG standards

Nowadays, while designing web applications we should consider that a big amount of users will be using our page on the mobile devices. This is why application tests on different browsers and with different resolutions are so important.

Agnieszka Michnik Agnieszka Michnik
29 april 2020

Challenges of Scaling a Business – How We Help a Small English School

#digital transformation #growth #mobile

As you probably know Evertop is a custom software development company. We design, develop, deploy and maintain bespoke systems created under our client’s requirements. On our daily basis work, we find less or more exciting and inspiring projects. The one I’d like to describe today is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting we’ve done so far.

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
22 april 2020

How To Write a Simple Downloading App With Flutter

#downloading files #flutter #mobile

If you are new to Flutter and you have never built nor created an application using Flutter, please get familiar with Get started section on the official website before continuing.

Michał Lot Michał Lot
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