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15 kwietnia 2020

Code Kata — Sharpen Your IT Saw

#code kata #programming tips #self development

The world is changing faster than ever before, and especially IT world. As software developers and engineers we should „sharpen our saw” not only to be better and better but also to be on a roll with new technologies, frameworks and libraries. The same as athletes who keep in shape and train harder to get better, faster and stronger (yup, I like Daft Punk), we should train ourselves.

Piotr Zuber Piotr Zuber
8 kwietnia 2020

Why is Software Testing Necessary ?


In this article I would like to show how important it is to take care of the quality of the software produced as early as it is on the development stage. An early error detection reduces software delivery time, reduces costs, and increases product quality.

Aleksandra Dreszer Aleksandra Dreszer
1 kwietnia 2020

Retrieving Data From The Database

#entity framework #programming tips

This is the first article from the series about how to improve your .NET application which uses Entity Framework. I will show you some simple tips that will boost your application. I hope that many advices you will find here can be used in any other ORM or even any other programming language. First of all let’s see how the majority of applications work.

Paweł Szymura Paweł Szymura
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