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flutter qr code scanner app

How To Write a Simple Flutter QR Code Scanner App

14 April 2021
#flutter #mobile

In this article you will learn how to write a simple iOS and Android app which: scans QR codes witch a phone camera, if scanned data is a link it opens it in a browser, otherwise it displays it in a dialog. If you are new to Flutter and you have never built nor created an application using Flutter, please get familiar with Get started section on the official website before continuing.

Stefan Pająk Stefan Pająk
7 April 2021

Software Deployment – Does It Always Have To Be So Painful?

#deployment #software development process #training

The production launch of any brand new software solution for any company usually means change, and people by nature do not like changes. There will always be someone who will be dissatisfied and will try to prove that before the software was created, life was better or that using new software is "pointless" or it requires a million improvements to be "usable". What to do then, to deal with these challenges and efficiently deploy software that was just developed? I will try to explain it in the article below.

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
31 March 2021

What Builds Happiness at Work?

#growth #our way

Is it possible to achieve happiness at work? Or is it just a myth? For many people, work can be associated with an unpleasant obligation that must be performed every day. Fortunately, it is possible to be satisfied with the job. And it's not just a question of how much you earn. For sure, the salary is important, but there are other aspects that affect job satisfaction. I will tell you about them in this article.

Katarzyna Baron Katarzyna Baron
24 March 2021

Maintenance of IT Systems – Is It Necessary And Why?

#business development #growth #project management

Originally, IT systems were difficult, unknown and literally cosmically expensive, making them inaccessible and reserved only for large recipients such as giant financial institutions or leading world powers investing in defense and energy related systems.

Łukasz Bargiel Łukasz Bargiel
17 March 2021

Frontend vs Backend

#web development

Front end and back end are terms that appear when creating web applications. These terms refer to the architectural elements and layers that make up these applications. Below we try to explain what elements are used to create web applications and difference between front end web development and back end development.

Bogusław Legierski Bogusław Legierski
10 March 2021

Convert Word Doc To html And html To Word Doc

#ASPOSE #business development #new solutions

In one of our recent projects, we faced the need to convert word files (.docx, .doc and .rtf) to html and vice versa. Writing your own solution from the beginning would be heroic and probably unprofitable. The ASPOSE tool resolved the case.

Monika Fabijańczyk Monika Fabijańczyk
3 March 2021

EdTech Trends – How Technology is Changing the Future of Education

#business development #digital transformation #EdTech #growth

The pandemic has changed education systems across the world. Technology is creating new challenges and many new opportunities for educational institutions of all types, from early education to universities. Thanks to Covid-19, edtech is not a choice anymore. It is essential in the field of education.

Paulina Brym-Ciuba Paulina Brym-Ciuba
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