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continuous delivery or continuous deployment

Continuous Delivery (CD) Or Continuous Deployment (CD)?

21 July 2021
#software development process

CI and CD are two terms that are increasingly used in the software development process. CI stands for Continuous Integration, a fundamental practice where developers often combine code changes by placing it in a central source code repository where automatic compilations and tests of the IT system being built are run. CD, on the other hand, can mean continuous delivery or continuous deployment. Later in the article, an attempt will be made to explain this topic.

Bogusław Legierski Bogusław Legierski
14 July 2021

Micro Frontend – The Final Step. Part III

#micro frontend #web development #web frameworks

We start the last chapter by discussing the design approach, the micro-frontend implementation, and the capabilities it offers. All of the information we found in the three articles on micro-frontend should be treated as a serious introduction to the topic.

Rafał Czarkowski Rafał Czarkowski
7 July 2021

MediaStore in Flutter

#flutter #MediaStore #mobile

This article will guide you through the process of creating a simple flutter app that allows you to draw on a canvas. Then we will add the ability for this app to save those images to external storage volume using MediaStore API which allows to retrieve and update media files. Files saved this way are discoverable e.g. by system file explorer and will survive in case your app gets uninstalled. MediaStore API was added in API level 1 which makes it available in all Android devices!

Bartosz Biernacki Bartosz Biernacki
30 June 2021

What Skills Do You Need To Get Your First Job As A Developer?

#growth #our way #recruitment #self development

The interest in working as a developer is constantly growing. When training in this field, it is worth knowing what a potential employer can expect and what can still be worked on. Not everyone can become a developer, because you need to have some predispositions. Obviously, the most important thing is the technical knowledge you acquire and the analytical mind. However, some character traits are also important, as well as soft skills that are necessary to become, above all, a good developer.

Katarzyna Baron Katarzyna Baron
23 June 2021

Why Is Implementation So Important In The Software Development Process?

#software development process

The implementation phase plays the most important role in the software development process. It is at this stage that the physical source code of the system being built is created. Programmers code the IT system on the basis of the collected requirements and the developed project documentation. They are based on experience and proven software development techniques.

Bogusław Legierski Bogusław Legierski
16 June 2021

Management Of Changes In An IT Project

#business development #project management

Management of Change and release management depends on transparency, collaboration and flexibility. An effective change management system can actually lead to a more efficient release management process. Therefore, let's first define terms such as management of change and release management in IT projects. With DevOps support, we can see how these two concepts work together to help build better, more efficient and more reliable CI / CD pipelines.

Łukasz Bargiel Łukasz Bargiel
9 June 2021

Micro Frontend – Deep Dive Into Micro-Frontends. Part II

#micro frontend #web development #web frameworks

Here we are in 2021 and the question is whether the journey into Micro-Frontends is still worth watching? - of course, but on several conditions. In the first part, we discussed the pros and cons of using a micro-frontend approach in our project in frontend development. We also touched on when we might consider this approach. Although micro-frontends are quite a new approach in the frontend architecture ecosystem they are used for several years in medium and large organizations.

Rafał Czarkowski Rafał Czarkowski
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