14 July 2021

Micro Frontend – The Final Step. Part III

#micro frontend #web development #web frameworks

We start the last chapter by discussing the design approach, the micro-frontend implementation, and the capabilities it offers. All of the information we found in the three articles on micro-frontend should be treated as a serious introduction to the topic.

Rafał Czarkowski Rafał Czarkowski
9 June 2021

Micro Frontend – Deep Dive Into Micro-Frontends. Part II

#micro frontend #web development #web frameworks

Here we are in 2021 and the question is whether the journey into Micro-Frontends is still worth watching? - of course, but on several conditions. In the first part, we discussed the pros and cons of using a micro-frontend approach in our project in frontend development. We also touched on when we might consider this approach. Although micro-frontends are quite a new approach in the frontend architecture ecosystem they are used for several years in medium and large organizations.

Rafał Czarkowski Rafał Czarkowski
12 May 2021

Introduction To Micro Frontend. Part I

#micro frontend #web development #web frameworks

Introduction, a few words about micro frontend architecture, solution architecture. Micro frontends are small web applications that are broken down into components or functions that work together to provide a larger application.

Rafał Czarkowski Rafał Czarkowski
20 January 2021

Blazor: Future Of .Net Web Development!

#.NET #ASP.NET #Blazor #C# #web frameworks

It's worth noting that web application development standards sometimes change faster than they can be implemented. In this race, developers must be one step ahead. This situation forces us to constantly follow trends in the development of web applications. What is the future of web development? What is the future for solutions provided by Microsoft?

Bogusław Legierski
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