9 June 2021

Micro Frontend – Deep Dive Into Micro-Frontends. Part II

#micro frontend #web development #web frameworks

Here we are in 2021 and the question is whether the journey into Micro-Frontends is still worth watching? - of course, but on several conditions. In the first part, we discussed the pros and cons of using a micro-frontend approach in our project in frontend development. We also touched on when we might consider this approach. Although micro-frontends are quite a new approach in the frontend architecture ecosystem they are used for several years in medium and large organizations.

Rafał Czarkowski Rafał Czarkowski
12 May 2021

Introduction To Micro Frontend. Part I

#micro frontend #web development #web frameworks

Introduction, a few words about micro frontend architecture, solution architecture. Micro frontends are small web applications that are broken down into components or functions that work together to provide a larger application.

Rafał Czarkowski Rafał Czarkowski
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