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Bogusław Legierski
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21 July 2021

Continuous Delivery (CD) Or Continuous Deployment (CD)?

#software development process

CI and CD are two terms that are increasingly used in the software development process. CI stands for Continuous Integration, a fundamental practice where developers often combine code changes by placing it in a central source code repository where automatic compilations and tests of the IT system being built are run. CD, on the other hand, can mean continuous delivery or continuous deployment. Later in the article, an attempt will be made to explain this topic.

Bogusław Legierski
23 June 2021

Why Is Implementation So Important In The Software Development Process?

#software development process

The implementation phase plays the most important role in the software development process. It is at this stage that the physical source code of the system being built is created. Programmers code the IT system on the basis of the collected requirements and the developed project documentation. They are based on experience and proven software development techniques.

Bogusław Legierski
19 May 2021

What is Continuous Integration?

#continuous integration #software development process

Continuous Integration (CI) appears more and more in the context of software development and seems to be a relatively new approach. The term, however, dates back to the early 90s, when it was used by Grady Booch (one of the founders of the UML language) in the book "Object Oriented Design: With Applications". CI owes its further development to the spread of agile software development methodologies, in which it plays one of the key roles.

Bogusław Legierski
21 April 2021

How Does The Software Design Process Look Like?

#design process #software development process

Designing is an important part of any IT systems development process. The shape and operation of the created IT system depends on it. That's why it's worth to realize the fact that regardless of the adopted software development model (agile or cascade / waterfall), there is a need and even absolutely necessity to devote appropriate resources and time to ensure that the system design is properly developed and documented. Thanks to this, we will be sure that our system - its software will have a solid architecture that will not collapse like a house of cards under the pressure of problems and errors.

Bogusław Legierski
17 March 2021

Frontend vs Backend

#web development

Front end and back end are terms that appear when creating web applications. These terms refer to the architectural elements and layers that make up these applications. Below we try to explain what elements are used to create web applications and difference between front end web development and back end development.

Bogusław Legierski
17 February 2021

Progressive Web App (PWA)

#mobile #PWA #web development

In the current world of technology we see a consistent blurring of boundaries between the creation of native applications dedicated to a specific system platform and web applications available through internet browsers.

Bogusław Legierski
20 January 2021

Blazor: Future Of .Net Web Development!

#.NET #ASP.NET #Blazor #C# #web frameworks

It's worth noting that web application development standards sometimes change faster than they can be implemented. In this race, developers must be one step ahead. This situation forces us to constantly follow trends in the development of web applications. What is the future of web development? What is the future for solutions provided by Microsoft?

Bogusław Legierski
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