What Skills Do You Need To Get Your First Job As A Developer?

30 June 2021

The interest in working as a developer is constantly growing. When training in this field, it is worth knowing what a potential employer can expect and what can still be worked on. Not everyone can become a developer, because you need to have some predispositions. Obviously, the most important thing is the technical knowledge you acquire and the analytical mind. However, some character traits are also important, as well as soft skills that are necessary to become, above all, a good developer.

Before presenting all the desired features, I will briefly explain what a developer actually does. This is a person who creates IT software using the programming language he specializes in (it can be C#, PHP, Java, etc.).

Additionally, the developer has to decide whether he wants to go towards the frontend or the backend.

So now let’s move on to the 10 skills a developer should have:

1. Analytical mind

Analytical thinking consists of a combination of several skills:

  • solving complex problems,
  • creativity,
  • understanding the individual parts and how they affect the overall process,
  • looking for new solutions,
  • analyzing difficult decisions,
  • drawing conclusions.

2. Technical English

There are plenty of programming languages, and new ones are created every year. The code is most often written in English, therefore the knowledge of this language is crucial. In addition, many tools, documentation and even courses are most often available only in English. Knowledge of the language allows to use modern technologies efficiently.

3. Ability to ask questions

This ability may seem a bit obvious, but in practice it turns out that many people, if they don’t know something, are afraid to ask questions. This may be because of a fear of being judged or having poor perceptions. However, at the beginning of your career, it is perfectly normal and even advisable to learn something.

Of course, it is worth adding here that you cannot go to extremes and not ask about every little detail. The golden mean is the balance between being independent and asking for help. When receiving a task, it is worth trying to do it yourself. If, on the other hand, it takes too long to find the answer, you should ask someone how to find the solution.

4. Communicativeness

A developer may be associated with a person who spends all day in front of the computer and does not need to talk to anyone. Which of course is not true as there are meetings where the developer also attends. Communicativeness is a trait necessary not only to work in a team, but also in cooperation with the client. You need to be able to communicate information well in order to avoid misunderstandings and to make the work more efficient and pleasant for both parties. It happens that you need to present a created project, so the ability to talk about the effects of your work in an understandable way will be valuable.


5. Ability to solve problems

We learn best from our mistakes, so if there’s one thing that doesn’t work out, don’t be put off. You need to start looking for the cause of this error and a solution that can fix it. The most important thing is to understand the problem and break it down into parts, which makes it easier to approach more complex issues. Additionally, smaller tasks are usually easier to complete.
The more problems are solved, the faster certain patterns are picked up that will repeat in other cases.

6. Ability to work in a team

As mentioned in the previous point, a developer should be able to work in a team. Developers are the heart of the whole project, but not only they contribute to the creation of a given system or application. Apart from them, there are also Testers, Analysts, UX / UI Designers and, of course, Project Manager. Everyone works in a slightly different area, but it must be remembered that the result of these activities is the same product. Therefore, it is necessary to exchange information or properly allocate tasks. Another advantage is that you can learn new things from each other if the team is diverse in terms of experience level.



7. Willingness to expand knowledge and openness to new challenges

Technologies are developing at a fast pace, and hence – you have to keep up with the news to expand your skills at work. For this reason, education and deepening your knowledge are so important. There are many sources that can be used, for example books, various types of forums or specialized courses.

In this industry, new challenges often appear, so you have to be open to them and not give up, even if you have to look for solutions first.

8. Knowledge of the entire software development process

The developer focuses on one of several elements of the IT system development process, but it is worth knowing all its parts. It is necessary to understand the specifics of working on a project. Based on this process, you can understand other roles in IT, such as Testers or Project Managers. As a reminder, this process consists of: analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance.

9. Knowledge of the technological stack

Although the developer often focuses on the technology or layer he chooses, it is important to know the others that are used in the project. It is worth having at least basic knowledge on this subject, because it will greatly facilitate communication, for example between the frontend and the backend. Additionally, it is easier to articulate your needs and it is easier for the other person to understand and fulfill them.


10. Commitment

Let’s face it, many people choose this profession because of high earnings. However, it must be remembered that in this industry (as in any other industry), certain predispositions, which I quoted in the article, also count. If this work is not approached with passion, commitment may start to drop rapidly, and it should be noted that it is extremely necessary.

There are many developers on the labor market, but it is worth being good in your profession to be successful.


Finally, I would like to emphasize that certain character traits can be developed and worked on. Therefore, if the profession of a developer is a dream and you want to fulfill yourself in this direction, but does not show certain features – then it is not worth getting discouraged. What counts is willingness, passion, knowledge exploration and of course practice.


Katarzyna Baron
Katarzyna Baron
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