24 March 2021

Maintenance of IT Systems – Is It Necessary And Why?

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Originally, IT systems were difficult, unknown and literally cosmically expensive, making them inaccessible and reserved only for large recipients such as giant financial institutions or leading world powers investing in defense and energy related systems.

Łukasz Bargiel Łukasz Bargiel
9 December 2020

How To Prepare a Good Specification Of Requirements For IT Projects

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In the previous article you could read about how to find appropriate software company, which carries out the project of your idea. When you finally make a decision you will face another challenge. You probably already have a vision of your own project, however, the problem arises when you need to describe it on paper. How to start, what such a document should include, what should be avoided?

Paweł Szymura Paweł Szymura
23 September 2020

Why Is The Analysis Most Important Part Of Development Process?

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Regardless of the software implementation methodology, whether it is Scrum or Waterfall, it will take many actions or phases to complete it. In Waterfall methodology the analysis phase takes place after the specification of requirements and before the technical project and implementation.

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
26 August 2020

The 10 Most Important Elements of Successful IT Project Management

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Proper planning of activities is required in the fast changing environment and with the enormous complexity and dynamics of IT systems.

Marcin Błaszczok Marcin Błaszczok
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