16 June 2021

Management Of Changes In An IT Project

#business development #project management

Management of Change and release management depends on transparency, collaboration and flexibility. An effective change management system can actually lead to a more efficient release management process. Therefore, let's first define terms such as management of change and release management in IT projects. With DevOps support, we can see how these two concepts work together to help build better, more efficient and more reliable CI / CD pipelines.

Łukasz Bargiel Łukasz Bargiel
2 June 2021

Why To Choose Software Development Company From Poland?

#business development #digital transformation #growth

The world is becoming a global village. You can see it almost everywhere. The possibility of outsourcing are incomparably greater today than it was 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. It is worth taking the advantage of this opportunity. Nowadays, you do not have to entrust your friend, brother-in-law or the first company you meet. Globalization allows to choose precisely the perfect contractor for the work we want to outsource.

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
5 May 2021

The Path Of Career Development In The IT Industry – From The Programmer To The CEO

#business development #growth #self development

The following article is unique to me because I need to describe my own experiences and conclusions drawn from them. By reviewing my professional life, I also make a summary of what has happened in it so far. This is even more interesting and difficult too because I recently turned 40 and I realize more and more that I will not be younger ;-).

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
24 March 2021

Maintenance of IT Systems – Is It Necessary And Why?

#business development #project management

Originally, IT systems were difficult, unknown and literally cosmically expensive, making them inaccessible and reserved only for large recipients such as giant financial institutions or leading world powers investing in defense and energy related systems.

Łukasz Bargiel Łukasz Bargiel
10 March 2021

Convert Word Doc To html And html To Word Doc

#ASPOSE #business development #new solutions

In one of our recent projects, we faced the need to convert word files (.docx, .doc and .rtf) to html and vice versa. Writing your own solution from the beginning would be heroic and probably unprofitable. The ASPOSE tool resolved the case.

Monika Fabijańczyk
3 March 2021

EdTech Trends – How Technology is Changing the Future of Education

#business development #digital transformation #EdTech #growth

The pandemic has changed education systems across the world. Technology is creating new challenges and many new opportunities for educational institutions of all types, from early education to universities. Thanks to Covid-19, edtech is not a choice anymore. It is essential in the field of education.

Paulina Brym-Ciuba Paulina Brym-Ciuba
13 January 2021

MVP – How To Start?

#business development #growth #MVP #startup

The term MVP is an acronym for Minimum Viable Product. This is the very first version of the product, which has the functionality that can satisfy the basic needs of potential clients. It also allows gathering and analysing the feedback related to it. But the key thing is that MVP should be realized with the least effort and the engagement of minimum resources. 

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
16 December 2020

8 Elements Which You Need To Remember About When Preparing The Request For Proposal (RFP)

#business development #request for proposal #sales process

Last week we published an article about the specification of requirements. The specification itself is not enough to obtain competitive proposals and to make a good decision when choosing the contractor, with whom you will be able to sign the contract for realization of bespoke software solution.

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
2 December 2020

What Shall We Pay Attention To When Choosing Software Development Company?

#business development #digital transformation #project management

When your business starts growing you realise that manual information input or running the Excel charts take too long or are insufficient. It is time then to buy a software that is appropriately tailored to your requirements.

Rafał Dunal Rafał Dunal
25 November 2020

Web vs Desktop Apps From Business Owner’s Perspective

#business development #digital transformation #growth

There are dozens of brief or detailed comparisons between web- and desktop-based applications in the internet resources. Thousands developers, project managers or technology geeks may discuss or quarrel about technical differences, but it is still worth to ask and answear one question: which “philosophy” to choose? Web or desktop?

Mateusz Fligier Mateusz Fligier
18 November 2020

The Growth Of The On-Demand Economy

#business development #digital transformation #growth

Technology is now evolving at such a rapid pace that annual predictions of trends can seem out-of-date before they even go live as a published blog post or article.

Paulina Brym-Ciuba Paulina Brym-Ciuba
4 November 2020

How Much Does It Cost To Create an IT System?

#business development #sales process

Anyone who has ever considered buying dedicated, tailor-made software development services has certainly wondered how much they may cost. The answer is not simple and can be put down to the statement: It depends.

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
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