30 June 2021

What Skills Do You Need To Get Your First Job As A Developer?

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The interest in working as a developer is constantly growing. When training in this field, it is worth knowing what a potential employer can expect and what can still be worked on. Not everyone can become a developer, because you need to have some predispositions. Obviously, the most important thing is the technical knowledge you acquire and the analytical mind. However, some character traits are also important, as well as soft skills that are necessary to become, above all, a good developer.

Katarzyna Baron Katarzyna Baron
26 May 2021

9 Reasons Why You Should Join Our Team At Evertop

#growth #our way #recruitment #self development

Everyone chooses a new workplace according to their preferences, but when there are more opportunities, it is harder to make a decision. It is influenced by various factors, such as localization, salary and work culture. Some recruiters like to ask candidates, "Why do you want to work here?" That is why it is worth learning more about the company itself, honestly answering this question and additionally gaining points in recruiter’s eyes.

Katarzyna Baron Katarzyna Baron
28 April 2021

What I Have Learned During My First Year at Evertop

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It has recently been a year since I started working at Evertop. This is my first office job and my first serious job in marketing. And thus - a completely different work culture, because previously I had worked in a different industry. The beginnings were quite challenging for me, due to the fact that everything was new. I started my adventure with a two-month internship, which allowed me to check whether I would be able to find myself in this position.

Katarzyna Baron Katarzyna Baron
31 March 2021

What Builds Happiness at Work?

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Is it possible to achieve happiness at work? Or is it just a myth? For many people, work can be associated with an unpleasant obligation that must be performed every day. Fortunately, it is possible to be satisfied with the job. And it's not just a question of how much you earn. For sure, the salary is important, but there are other aspects that affect job satisfaction. I will tell you about them in this article.

Katarzyna Baron Katarzyna Baron
28 October 2020

How I Became a Software Tester

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I would like to share with you the story how I became a software tester and why I chose this profession. I will present the position, responsibilities and advantages and disadvantages of this profession.

Karolina Laprus Karolina Laprus
9 September 2020

How We Started a Career In IT

#growth #our way #recruitment #self development

For the past two months we have been trainees at Evertop, and we want to share our thoughts and experiences that we have encountered so far, starting from the very beginning – the recruitment stage.

Adrian Skutela
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