What I Have Learned During My First Year at Evertop

28 April 2021
what i have learned at evertop

My beginnings

It has recently been a year since I started working at Evertop. This is my first office job and my first serious job in marketing. And thus – a completely different work culture, because previously I had worked in a different industry. The beginnings were quite challenging for me, due to the fact that everything was new. I started my adventure with a two-month internship, which allowed me to check whether I would be able to find myself in this position. Gradually, I was given more and more tasks, which made it easier for me to get into my daily duties. A year has passed since then, so I think it is a good opportunity to show what lessons I have learned from my work.

1. Development is important

No matter how many books I have read, how many webinars I have attended to or even how many courses I have finished – there will always be something new that may surprise me. I find out about it all the time. That is why education in your field is so important. I realized that even if you have several years of experience, it is worth being up to date with news to follow changes and competition. Therefore, I find time for education every week. I always try to spend a few moments on it, even if I have a lot of tasks to do on a given day, because I know that it will profit in the future.

2. It’s ok to ask questions

Certainly, everyone cares that the duties were performed in the best possible way. Sometimes, however, there comes a moment when I do not know how to do a given task. In that case, I just ask the appropriate person for details. Although you can be hesitant at times, I assume that it’s better to be sure than to spend a few hours on something and eventually do it wrong. This can save you not only a lot of time, but also stress and sometimes even money. More experienced people are usually happy to provide tips that make things clear.

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3. Organization is the key

Sometimes it’s hard for me to focus on one task, and in this situation, I usually start doing several things at once, which may result in not finding my way around it all. However, the list of tasks, which I always have at hand and which I update on a regular basis, comes to the rescue. It helps me to remember about all my tasks. Maybe nothing innovative about it, but I know that keeping your notes, files and tools in order helps to control the chaos. The better you organize your work, the easier it becomes. In addition to creating a to-do list, everyday I set myself priorities that help me to get everything done on time.

4. “Don’t bite more than you can chew”

If there is a task that I do not feel up to, I know that it is worth trying to propose a different solution. Sometimes it pays to get your way, because our proposal may turn out to be a better idea. In my example, when it comes to writing articles for our company blog, I always choose topics that are close to me and which I feel good at.

Another thing related to this is the moment when the number of tasks increases. If our duties are overwhelming and we are not able to do everything, it is worth saying it openly. Perhaps it will be possible to delegate some of them to a person who has fewer tasks at the moment and is able to relieve us a bit.

5. Details matter

There are things you won’t notice. These may be seemingly insignificant issues and ultimately it turns out that they are important overall. Sometimes it’s better to work on something longer and get a better result. Of course, I do not mean a situation where a short deadline is imposed. Then we are kind of forced to stick to the principle “Done is better than perfect”. Which is not a bad thing, but if we have such a possibility, it is worth refining all the details.

6. Nothing is impossible

Sometimes I have the impression that there is no way out of some situations and that there is nothing to be done about it. However, I have learned more than once that this is not entirely true. Of course, it also happens that suddenly there are situations beyond my control. However, I know that you cannot give up and you have to try to find a solution or as I mentioned before – ask someone for support.

new ideas and looking for solutions

7. Building self-confidence

At the beginning, when the company blog was created, it seemed to me that I would not write any article for a longer time. Due to little experience, I felt that I did not have much knowledge to share yet. But it quickly turned out to be the other way round. A I wrote my first article about the recruitment process, which I have recently started to deal with. Maybe it was not a revealing topic but I think it is useful to many. Of course, I mainly mean people who are interested in working at Evertop. Finally, my article was received positively, which made me feel more confident and my approach to this topic changed a bit. With every new article I write, I believe in my abilities more and more, and this makes my self-confidence grow. In a professional career, it is important as long as we want to develop and gain more experience.

8. A sense of responsibility

As you know, in each job we have greater or lesser responsibility for the tasks performed. However, there are different approaches to this. Some will take their responsibilities seriously, others a little less. As probably everywhere, in my position there were critical situations that had to be dealt with. In such cases, I try to find a way out and come up with a B plan. An example is our blog, where we publish a new article every Wednesday. There were situations when it was necessary to react quickly, because it was not always possible to organize everything ahead of time. Fortunately, after one year of blogging, there was no moment for the article to appear, for example, a day later. Although it was often a challenge.

9. Finding the positive sides

Sometimes there are worse days or it is harder for us to complete a given task. In such situations, I try to look for positive sides. Facing more difficult responsibilities can be a good opportunity to gain new experience. Focusing on the positive can help you change your perception of the situation, making it easier to find a solution. In my work, I try not to focus on the negatives and learn to treat them as a challenge.


There is still a long way to go to self-development ahead of me and the list of things I have learned will surely grow with each passing day. Man learns throughout his life, and the more lessons we learn, the greater the satisfaction. Skills acquired at work can also be useful in a private life, which is why they have a double value. I hope to be able to share my new experience with you again next year.


Katarzyna Baron
Katarzyna Baron
Marketing Specialist Regular film festival goer, passionate books reader and animals lover.
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