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Paweł Szymura
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9 December 2020

How To Prepare a Good Specification Of Requirements For IT Projects

#analysis process #project management

In the previous article you could read about how to find appropriate software company, which carries out the project of your idea. When you finally make a decision you will face another challenge. You probably already have a vision of your own project, however, the problem arises when you need to describe it on paper. How to start, what such a document should include, what should be avoided?

Paweł Szymura Paweł Szymura
21 October 2020

SOLID: Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP)

#programming tips #self development #SOLID

This is the last article related to the set of SOLID project principles. The DIP principle is the most useful of all in terms of its relevance to the creation of strong classes and good architecture of the whole system.

Paweł Szymura Paweł Szymura
7 October 2020

SOLID: Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP)

#programming tips #self development #SOLID

The principle relates to two main aspects of object-oriented programming. First of all, it highlights the importance of correlation between the classes with the same parent. Secondly, it helps to understand correctly the essence of object-oriented programming and virtual mechanisms, which support the process.

Paweł Szymura Paweł Szymura
16 September 2020

SOLID: Interface Segregation Principle (ISP)

#programming tips #self development #SOLID

Have you ever seen a class method in your project, the core of which would be one line only: throw new NotImplementedException()? Is this the right solution? Could such a code cause an issue?

Paweł Szymura Paweł Szymura
19 August 2020

SOLID: Open-Closed Principle (OCP)

#programming tips #self development #SOLID

That is the second article from the series about SOLID principles. This time I should give you more details about the Open-Closed Principle. The element of software should be locked for modification but open to extension. Uncle Bob himself used to say: “Good architecture reduces the amount of modified code to the absolute minimum. Ideally to zero”.

Paweł Szymura Paweł Szymura
12 August 2020

SOLID: Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)

#programming tips #self development #SOLID

SOLID principles are regarded as one the best practices in programming. We hear about them all the time. Unfortunately, it seems to me that these rules are often misunderstood. I’ll try to present them in the series of five articles, one article for each rule.

Paweł Szymura Paweł Szymura
29 July 2020

How To Prepare Test Data For Unit Test

#programming tips #testing

There are many articles describing how to write a good test. But the question is how to create a good data test? I will show an example, different from what you may have ever read.

Paweł Szymura Paweł Szymura
27 May 2020

Does The Programmer Have a Chance To Avoid Simple Mistakes?

#bugs #code review #code test

I have seen once such a meme: “If debugging serves to remove errors from the code, programming certainly involves inserting bugs into the code.” There is some truth in it. Modern IT systems implement a lot of very complex processes, it is very easy to make a mistake.

Paweł Szymura Paweł Szymura
20 May 2020

Update Your Database With As Less Connection As Possible

#database #entity framework #programming tips

This is the second article from the series about how to improve your .NET application that uses Entity Framework. In this lesson I will show you how to reduce the number of connections and queries sent to database when updating database. I will show you a few good practices in some common cases. Let’s start.

Paweł Szymura Paweł Szymura
1 April 2020

Retrieving Data From The Database

#entity framework #programming tips

This is the first article from the series about how to improve your .NET application which uses Entity Framework. I will show you some simple tips that will boost your application. I hope that many advices you will find here can be used in any other ORM or even any other programming language. First of all let’s see how the majority of applications work.

Paweł Szymura Paweł Szymura
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