Information clause – recruitment process

Information clause – recruitment process

We inform that:

  1. Administrator of the personal data of the candidates for work is Evertop Sp. z o.o. registered at ul. Długa 1-3, 41-506 Chorzów.
  2. The legitimate regulation for processing of personal data of the candidates, shared in the job application is Article 22 of Labour Code and Article 6 legislation 1 point b) and c), GDPR, and in terms of data not listed in the application or data provided – a consent  of the applicant ( Article 6. Leg.1, point a) GDPR.
  3. Data included in the application may be transferred to other recipients -infrastructure solution providers, on behalf of the Administrator, under the agreement of entrusting personal data. The data would not be transferred to third parties, except the cases where there is a legal obligation to do so.
  4. Personal data will be processed during the recruitment process and for 3 months after its completion, and in the cases of authorisation of inserting candidate data to the system for the purpose of future recruitment processes, for 2 years or until the authorisation of the processing is withdrawn.
  5. The candidate has the right to have the access to their personal data and to correct and/or delete them as well as the right to request for the restriction in processing of personal data and their transfer in cases referred to by legal requirements. They have the right to withdraw the authorisation for data processing. Exercising the right of authorisation withdrawal does not affect the processing which took place before he withdrawal.
  6. The candidate has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority – President of Personal Data Protection Office in each case when there is the suspicion of breach in compliance with legal requirements.
  7. Providing the data and consent for processing them wilfully may be required in the recruitment process during application selection stage or the implementation of application to the data base of the candidates for the future recruitment processes.
  8. The candidate has the right to withdraw the consent for processing personal data any time.
  9. The authorisation withdrawal or its refusal may result in deletion of the application from the candidate database and in preventing from further participation in the recruitment process.
  10. Personal data of candidates will not be subject to an automated decision, and will not be subject to profiling.
  11. Personal data of candidates will not be transferred outside the European Economic Territory nor to the international organisations.

Consent for the processing of personal data in the recruitment process

I hereby give consent for my personal data included in my application, beyond the consent of Article 22 of Labour Code, by Evertop Sp. z o.o. registered at ul. Długa 1-3, to be processed for the purposes of the recruitment process related to the above application.

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