Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

We specialise in developing dedicated IT systems. While designing software solutions we make sure they entirely suit the clients’ needs. Therefore we pay much attention to details on each stage of the programming process, especially in the beginning phase, where we thoroughly analyse all the requirements and clients’ expectations. We use individual solutions entirely suited to the nature and functionality of the organisation.


We use two methodologies in IT projects management: Waterfall and Scrum.


The advantage of this methodology is its predictability, since the specification of the project is known, as well as its schedule (also the precise date of completion), and the budget. The client obtains the whole project, completed within a specific time frame, while the necessary amendments are carried out within the additional development works.

  • 1 Analysis


    we precisely analyse all necessary solutions

  • 2 Project


    we create a clear concept of what we need to achieve, and we design the whole structure of the system

  • 3 Implementation


    we create the code

  • 4 Tests


    we check possible errors

  • 5 Introduction


    we give the client the software that is often combined with the introduction training to the new systems

  • 6 Maintenance


    we provide service assistance for the time specified by the clients and in accordance with their needs


Scrum methodology focuses on planning the work in cyclically recurring processes, therefore its advantage is that Users tools are obtained regularly. It helps to solve complex issues and to have constant control over them. The whole process of the project is regularly being updated and the date of its completion as well as the precise budget – don’t need to be estimated when the project starts.

  • 1 Daily


    We meet every day to discuss the designated tasks, current problems and the issues for the following 24 hours

  • 2 Sprint


    The time frame, within which we determine the specific tasks and manage to complete them. Each sprint lasts for a maximum one month

  • 3 Sprint Review

    Sprint Review

    At the end of each Sprint we provide a part of product’s completed version

  • 4

    Product Release

    We deliver the completed product

Thanks to the above two methods, we meet the standards of clients with different horizons of expectations.

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