IT Consulting

IT Consulting

If you need to boost your business with precisely designed IT tools – you can rely on our specialists. We provide complex expertise in IT, in such specializations as operational systems, databases or equipment. We stand out thanks to the versatility, great creativity and innovative approach to designated tasks.


A problem is a challenge – we don’t fear to face it and we avoid standard solutions. We love ambitious projects, so that we can look for the maverick results. We help to identify precisely your needs and we set the goals together. It helps us to make strong decisions in a short and long-term perspective.


If you have a plan for a system and you consider converting it into specific requirements you won’t need to worry about it anymore – we will help you.

  • 1 Requirements


    basing on the detailed analysis of the clients’ needs we define the set of functional and non-functional (any restrictions) requirements of the system. Using our experience, we know what type of questions we need to ask, what kind of decisions the clients should make and what type of specifications should be included in the project and which will be possible to perform.

  • 2 Business processes

    Business processes

    it is significant to identify all the processes and activities carried out on a daily basis in the organisation, such as: defining how they work, who runs them, what their responsibilities are, and what their role in the business is. With all that information we can determine how the system will be used in the organisation.

  • 3 User stories

    User stories

    we help to define the requirements for the developers team, from the user’s perspective, such as: what function is necessary in the system and why. It is very significant during the implementation stage.

  • 4 System's prototype

    System's prototype

    using appropriate tools, we can show how the system will look like and how it will work. The client may visualise the system very easily thanks to the prototypes.

  • 5 Test cases

    Test cases

    we describe the procedures according to which the software should be tested. They will help to check the systems functionality and to detect potential errors for correction.

The consulting process takes, depending on the clients’ needs, between a week up to 4 weeks.

After the full analysis is complete, the next step is the realization of the system.

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