The system for notification and monitoring the traffic.

Client: Cementownia Warta
Industry: Logistics/ Construction
This is the web portal for traffic management with the integration of other tools used in the enterprise. The applied solution accelerates and simplifies the business processes.

About the Client

Cementownia Warta is the leading manufacturer of cement in Poland. It has a wide distribution chain. The scope of the company’s services includes complex customer service in the area of: production and cement sale and distribution, transport arrangements/logistics, technological assistance. The company offers the services related to monitoring and management of environmental health and safety, as well as the tests of fuels’ quality.

The purpose of the project

The main client’s aim was to simplify the organizational processes through optimization of working tools. The system is aimed to automatize the tasks, which used to be done manually, in order to eliminate the risk of man made errors, and the work to become more effective. The crucial part of the system is ensuring health and safety of the working environment.


Due to the system’s automation procedures the control became easier, faster and more precise. The applied solution enables the transport notification process in the manufacturing plant and helps to manage the vehicles at the entrance and exit gates. We have also automatized the function of databases modification. Additionally, the system has improved its checkup functions, which eliminates the man made errors. It also reduced the queues at the gates. All the verifications are carried out in the system, which alerts about all potential risks or anomalies and enables correction of the errors. Furthermore, the advantage of the system is the improved safety, due to the function of automatic alerts about the violation of rules regarding traffic regulations within the plant and convenient accessibility to all archived information and photos.


We have used the already existing technology, and expanded it by integration with other tools, such as: barrier’s steering module, weight module, monitoring for recognition of registration numbers, the terminal for automatic check outs. The system was integrated with the Waste Data Base, improving the BDO service. The work of sale and buyers’ departments has also been improved, as well as data collection in one place and integration with other systems, which enabled the automatic flow of all the information.


  • The extended time of searching through the data in case of error detection,
  • The increased labor in logistics planning,
  • The problems in traffic coordination in work establishments.


The advantage of the system is the expansion options along with the client’s needs and there is the plan for expanding the system towards railway transport services. The system applies not only to the closed sections but the data can also be collected on the roads.

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