The system for audio and video management without copyrights.

Client: APR Media
Industry: Interactive media
The platform responsible for managing client’s appliances and production and organization of multimedia materials, as well as their remote distribution to the recipients.

About the Client

APR Media is the company which provides a wide range of independent music tracks to the shopping or other trading centres in Poland and abroad. The services are provided without the need of ZAiKS authorization. Thanks to the application the clients may choose the tracks themselves and control them according to their own preferences.

The purpose of the project

The main target of the project was to produce the originial MediaSync system with the access to the wide playlist of tracks suited to the client needs, without additional charges to ZAiKS. The aim was also to achieve the client’s satisfaction through the introduction of the unique conditions depending on their needs.

The system for audio and video management without copyrights.


The system consists of 2 sections:  a server application for the music content management and a dedicated application for client’s devices to play the tracks within their premises. The files are synchronized with server’s repository.

The application is dedicated to Windows or Android systems, for the independent music to be downloaded without any charge and without permanent access to the network. The system is dedicated to retail customers in the country and abroad.

MediaSync promotes a positive image of the companies and provides a comfortable music experience through the access to independent source of free music in retail and business outlets.


The platform has got very useful functionalities, such as:

  • Access to professional playlists: the standard and individual ones,
  • Music filters depending on preference (relaxing, moderate or dynamic)
  • Adding and playing individual voice announcements and adverts,
  • Monthly updated music data base,
  • Option to delete unwanted tracks,
  • Special occasion tracks.

The system for audio and video management without copyrights.


Client’s challenges:

  • management of over 50 devices,
  • a lot of manual work,
  • many tools used to achieve the target,
  • restrictions in offering services on foreign markets (lack of services in foreign languages).


Our challenges:

  • Assuring continuous device performance in the conditions of restricted access to the internet,
  • Assuring the backward compatibility with the introduction of new functionalities to the system.

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