Program of Off-Specification Transport

The software supporting GDDKiA with issuing permissions for transit of the off-specification transport

Client: Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad
Industry: Transport/ Public administration
Lead time: From 4th of February until the 16th of September 2019 (115 days)
The project’s aim is to develop and introduce the system to facilitate the registration of applications by GDDKiA employees and to increase the productivity through the proper process arrangement and creation of one place for collecting and storing information.

About the Client

Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad is the central office of government administration in Poland, managed by the General Director, responsible for 16 voivodeships along with the headquarters of GDDKiA in Warsaw. The departments’ structure includes Regional National Roads that coordinate the road within specific regions. The central department coordinates the work of the road manager of national roads and implements the national budget.

The purpose of the project

The main target of the project is to improve the process of applications submitted by the transport companies, from the stage of data recording – up to generating the permission (or its refusal). The system is aimed to increase the work effectiveness and to minimize the amount of errors during the processing of applications.

The software supporting GDDKiA with issuing permissions for transit of the off-specification transport


The designed system is built based on the client-server architecture, with the user’s access through the browser. The project realization has minimized the amount of errors and significantly improved the process of submitting permissions for the transit of off-normative vehicles.


There is an option of routes coordination between the Headquarters and its branches, the transfer of financial data and reports generation based on the collected data. The system automatically calculates the payments that need to be incurred by the transport company. All the data related to the specific case are gathered in one place, which affects work efficiency. The documentation is stored in electronic form and accessible online, so there is no need for printing them.

The software supporting GDDKiA with issuing permissions for transit of the off-specification transport


  • preparation of the algorithm calculating the pressure on axles and indicating the excess of acceptable values for a specific vehicle in order to estimate the appropriate route,
  • implementation of the printout mechanisms,
  • creation of the possibility of routes planning by several departments simultaneously, for many applications in one case,
  • data migration from the previous GDDKiA system.


We currently provide warranty services with a complex technical assistance and development services.

The functionalities considered by the clients to be introduced in the next stages, are as follows:

  • The registration of applications by the GDDKiA workers in the electronic form, which will improve their performance,
  • The integration between other branch systems in GDDKiA,
  • The activation of the central data base in the geo-spatial layout, with additional information about: maximum load capacity or road impediments, which provide the flexible verification of the scheduled routes.

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