20 januar 2021

Blazor: Future Of .Net Web Development!

#.NET #ASP.NET #Blazor #C# #web frameworks

It's worth noting that web application development standards sometimes change faster than they can be implemented. In this race, developers must be one step ahead. This situation forces us to constantly follow trends in the development of web applications. What is the future of web development? What is the future for solutions provided by Microsoft?

Bogusław Legierski
17 juni 2020

How To Connect .NET Application With Google Drive

#.NET #cloud #programming tips

The requirement of one of the applications we were creating was to allow the files to be stored in the cloud. Such a solution may prove to be particularly useful in case of a limited client or server resources or the need for easy access to all files stored in the application. In the following article I will present a solution for connecting .NET application with Google REST API.

Mariusz Wójtowicz Mariusz Wójtowicz
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