Maciej Kotok
Maciej Kotok
Technical person converted to an entrepreneur. Previously a programmer, designer, analyst and project manager. Now a CEO at Evertop. Coffee during the day. Whiskey and wine in the evening.
2 June 2021

Why To Choose Software Development Company From Poland?

#business development #digital transformation #growth

The world is becoming a global village. You can see it almost everywhere. The possibility of outsourcing are incomparably greater today than it was 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. It is worth taking the advantage of this opportunity. Nowadays, you do not have to entrust your friend, brother-in-law or the first company you meet. Globalization allows to choose precisely the perfect contractor for the work we want to outsource.

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
5 May 2021

The Path Of Career Development In The IT Industry – From The Programmer To The CEO

#business development #growth #self development

The following article is unique to me because I need to describe my own experiences and conclusions drawn from them. By reviewing my professional life, I also make a summary of what has happened in it so far. This is even more interesting and difficult too because I recently turned 40 and I realize more and more that I will not be younger ;-).

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
7 April 2021

Software Deployment – Does It Always Have To Be So Painful?

#deployment #software development process #training

The production launch of any brand new software solution for any company usually means change, and people by nature do not like changes. There will always be someone who will be dissatisfied and will try to prove that before the software was created, life was better or that using new software is "pointless" or it requires a million improvements to be "usable". What to do then, to deal with these challenges and efficiently deploy software that was just developed? I will try to explain it in the article below.

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
3 February 2021

What Is An Application Prototyping And Its Benefits?

#application prototyping #mobile #MVP

In the following article I describe one of the most interesting, useful and effective phases of the web and mobile app development process, which is prototyping. How to create the first prototype, what exactly it is and what are the best practices? I encourage you to read.

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
13 January 2021

MVP – How To Start?

#business development #growth #MVP #startup

The term MVP is an acronym for Minimum Viable Product. This is the very first version of the product, which has the functionality that can satisfy the basic needs of potential clients. It also allows gathering and analysing the feedback related to it. But the key thing is that MVP should be realized with the least effort and the engagement of minimum resources. 

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
16 December 2020

8 Elements Which You Need To Remember About When Preparing The Request For Proposal (RFP)

#business development #request for proposal #sales process

Last week we published an article about the specification of requirements. The specification itself is not enough to obtain competitive proposals and to make a good decision when choosing the contractor, with whom you will be able to sign the contract for realization of bespoke software solution.

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
4 November 2020

How Much Does It Cost To Create an IT System?

#business development #sales process

Anyone who has ever considered buying dedicated, tailor-made software development services has certainly wondered how much they may cost. The answer is not simple and can be put down to the statement: It depends.

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
23 September 2020

Why Is The Analysis Most Important Part Of Development Process?

#analysis process #project management

Regardless of the software implementation methodology, whether it is Scrum or Waterfall, it will take many actions or phases to complete it. In Waterfall methodology the analysis phase takes place after the specification of requirements and before the technical project and implementation.

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
2 September 2020

How We Built a Dedicated System for Guests of the Economic Forum

#business development #mobile

In Evertop we are making a lot of interesting projects but the one I’m going to present today is really significant to me. Since I did care much about this specific project I dedicated a huge amount of time to convince the client to cooperate with us.

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
5 August 2020

To Be Or Not To Be… a SoDA Member?

#business development #growth

Evertop has entered SoDA in February 2019 and we were about the 30th company. So I feel like we are in this project from the beginning. The entering process was very easy. We had to fill some simple form, sign a few documents and pay the membership fee.

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
1 July 2020

Time and Materials vs Fixed Price – Which One Is Better?

#business development #Fixed Price #Time and Materials

I’ve seen a lot of different articles and comparation tables on the Internet trying to clarify the differences between Time and Materials (T&M) and Fixed Price cooperation model but I’ve decided to write this blog post to explain it from Evertop’s perspective because of our extensive experience.

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
3 June 2020

6 Reasons To Rewrite a Legacy System To a New Technology

#digital transformation #growth

Some of you may be wondering what a ‘legacy system’ is. So, at the beginning, it’s worth to explain that it means a software program that is outdated or obsolete. Recently we have done a few projects in Evertop where we had to rewrite such an obsolete solution to a new technology.

Maciej Kotok Maciej Kotok
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