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14 October 2020
onboarding process

In my previous article, I described the recruitment process at Evertop. Today I will continue the topic, focusing on one important stage of recruitment, which I also mentioned previously, the last but not least – the onboarding process. Before this article was written, we had decided to specify and clarify this process in our team and we had introduced new elements that will certainly have a positive impact on the adaptation (and not only!) of a new employee in our company.

First of all, let’s start with what exactly the onboarding is and why it is so important

Onboarding is nothing more than introducing a new employee to the company, getting familiar with their duties and form of work. However, the way this process is conducted has a very large impact on the employee’s future commitment and productivity. A well-conducted onboarding is supposed to make the newcomer feel good in their first days, in a new workplace, so it is worth remembering even the smallest details, which may seem obvious (and therefore often overlooked), but are really important.

How long does the onboarding process take?

As I already mentioned, onboarding takes time, it doesn’t end on the first day. This process starts from the moment of employment and lasts up to 3 months. During this time, the employee gets used to the new working environment, learns how to work independently and confidently and looks for his own ways to perform his tasks effectively. Of course, it is worth showing the interest in the employee during this time and occasionally checking if they feel good in our company.

How does Evertop onboarding process work?

If you have passed the recruitment process in our company and you are wondering what is waiting for you on your first day of work, I will present below, step by step, how it works at Evertop:

1. Preparations for a new person’s starting day

After the recruitment, you will receive an e-mail with some practical information about our company. A basic set of information to get you started. For example, you can learn what instant messaging app we use in the company, how we use the calendar and you can even find an e-mail footer template. Additionally, for developers, there is a specific information about coding standards, git workflow etc. During this stage, all the necessary documentation is being prepared, work tools or account configurations.

In the meantime, the person who conducted the recruitment informs his/her team about the new person joining it.

2. Guide e-mail

e-mail message

A few days before the starting day, the new employee receives an e-mail that guides them exactly where to go on the first day, whom to refer to and to find out what they can expect at work. This will reduce the stress that often accompanies something new and unknown.

3. Office tour

After a new employee comes to our office, we arrange the necessary formalities and move on to the tour around the office. We will show you all the rooms and introduce to all our employees, which will help you to familiarize with the faces and you will feel more comfortable in the company. You will also see where your workplace is and you will receive your welcome pack and a personal office access card. We will tell you about our benefits, show you how to use the equipment and briefly tell you about some procedures in the company.

4. Training courses

Training a new employee in the company

Then it’s the time for the administrative training, which doesn’t take more than an hour. In addition to the access to all internal websites and accounts, we will familiarize you with useful instructions regarding booking conference rooms or filling out the attendance list.
After the training, you will have a meeting with your supervisor who will introduce you to the scope of duties, present your position in the company and will explain how you may contribute to the development of our company.

5. Official welcoming

And finally, it’s time for a nice greeting in the form of an email to all employees, in which we briefly introduce you, explaining what you will be responsible for and where other people can find you to get to know you better.


Welcoming a new employee

The adaptation of a new employee takes place in 4 areas:

  • procedures, administrative matters etc.,
  • assigning the tasks to the employee and explaining the expectations in the understandable way,
  • getting familiar with every day functioning of the company,
  • integration with the team.

Once the process is completed, after approximately a month, Evertop reviews the satisfaction of their new employees to refine the whole onboarding process. First hand experiences are very valuable, newcomers know best what was pleasant and if there was anything that could be improved. Remember that the onboarding process should be continuously improved, so taking into account the suggestions and feedback will be extremely helpful to nail down the changes.

I believe that well-planned onboarding process should be a priority in every company, because it is the key to make sure the employer-employee relationship stays healthy and is satisfactory at both ends. Successful introduction of an employee to the company is then reflected in his/her satisfaction, confidence and efficiency.


Katarzyna Baron
Katarzyna Baron
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